The Montreal Burn Center (Centre d'expertise pour les personnes victimes de brûlures graves de l'Ouest du Québec) has a lively research department that strives on innovation, clinical excellence and burn survivor well-being. Our publications are read throughout the world.


Research Professor position

The Montreal Burn Center is seeking a candidate with the skills and expertise to carry out a fundamental research program on burn care.

This candidate will work closely with the center's stakeholders in order to fulfill its mission in bettering care to burn survivors and their outcomes.


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Bernadette Nedelec


Within-Patient, Single-Blinded, Randomized Controlled Clinical Trial to Evaluate the Efficacy of Triamcinolone Acetonide Injections for the Treatment of Hypertrophic Scar in Adult Burn Survivors

Danielle Shashoua


Fear Avoidance Beliefs and Behaviours of Burn Survivors: A Mixed Methods Approach

Michel-Alain Danino


In-situ characterization of the bacterial biofilm associated with XeroformTM and KaltostatTM dressings and evaluation of their effectiveness on thin skin engraftment donorsitesin burn patients

ACUTE CARE publications

  1. Coeugniet 2019 : Microcirculatory Free Flap Failure With Patent Anastomosis Salvaged by In Situ Thrombolysis in Vulnerable Phase Burn

  2. Izadpanah 2019 : Using Intra-arterial tPA for Severe Frostbite Cases. An Observational Comparative Retrospective Study

  3. Paek 2016: Free Transfer of a Paralyzed Contralateral Little Finger for Total Thumb Reconstruction in an Electrical Burn Patient: A Case Report and Literature Review


  1. Nedelec 2019: Longitudinal Evaluation of Pressure Applied by Custom Fabricated Garments Worn by Adult Burn Survivors

  2. Nedelec 2019: Systematic Review and Expert Consensus on the Use of Orthoses

  3. Nedelec 2018: Perceived Value of a Knowledge Translation Intervention Designed to Facilitate Burn Survivors’ Work Reintegration

  4. LaSalle 2018: Postburn Itch: A Review of the Literature

  5. Couture 2018: Development and clinimetric evaluation of the mouth impairment and disability assessment (MIDA)

  6. Nedelec 2018: Randomized controlled trial of the immediate and long-term effect of massage on adult postburn scar

  7. Nedelec 2015: Somatosensory Rehabilitation for Neuropathic Pain in Burn Survivors: A Case Series

  8. Nedelec 2014: Longitudinal burn scar quantification

  9. Nedelec 2012: Assessment of Pruritus Characteristics and Impact on Burn Survivors

PSYCHOSOCIAL publications

  1. Bergeron 2021: Mental Health in Burn Survivors